Sunday, April 5, 2009

We are coming home!!!

Finally we are going to be heading home!!! We should be leaving within an hour or two. Yesterday was a long day for all of us. Mya was just not tolerating the feeding very well at all. They backed the volume way down and we gradually built them up through the night. She is now receiving her 3rd bottle with the volume she normally receives.

The doctors explained to us that some babies just have a harder time bouncing back after the surgery. But they feel as though she is recovering well. Her incision looks great and she has rolled over on it a few times now!

Grandma and Grandpa came yesterday afternoon after we found out we would have to stay another night and brought more clothes for us! Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House Matt and I were able to take a shower and feel human again! My mom actually ended up staying the night so Matt and I could get some sleep!! (The lounge is not the best place to sleep....but it was better than nothing!)

Thanks again for all the prayers!! We appreciate it so much!!! She will be able to receive her button tube in a I think life will get even easier then! Now we get to start focusing on getting her to eat some baby foods again!!!


  1. WOO HOO! That is awesome!

  2. Yeah!!!! So glad you get to come home! I'm sure Mya is ready to be home just as much as you guys!

  3. You were right, she is even more beautiful!!!