Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well...needless to say we are still down at Riley. Mya has not been tolerating her feedings. They are wanting her to take a larger amount of formula than she has been used to and she is not holding it down. We just met with the doctor and we are hoping to meet some where in the middle with the volume of the feedings. (All the developmental doctors get together and discuss what we spoke about and then decide what they want to do for sure) So...we are playing the waiting game! They want to have at least 3 feedings in a row without her throwing up before they will let us go.

On the bright side...we are coming home with a feeding pump. Her feedings will have to go in over an hour so the pump will be nice. Her incision looks great and is healing well. She is getting back to her old self! We got some mats this morning to put on the floor so I think we are going to let her roll over for the first time since her surgery. We have been trying to prevent her rolling as long as possible! Matt and I have been pushing her around the unit in a stroller and doing anything to keep her occupied! Which is much easier said than done with all the wires and tubes she is hooked up to!

It has been a long last couple of days and we will be so glad when we are home!!

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  1. I'm so sorry that she's not tolerating her feedings. :-(
    Emme did the same thing. The pump made all the difference for her. Hopefully it will be Mya's solution too.
    You're also going to love having the pump because it will free you up to get other things done while she's feeding. What kind of pump is she getting?
    Hang in there, mama. You and Matt are doing such great things for little Mya!
    Hope she gets to go home soon!