Saturday, April 11, 2009


Things are going pretty good in the Holderly house. Matt and I are back to feeling normal after the flu and Mya has been doing well! We actually increased her formula by 5cc per bottle yesterday. She is almost up to 5 oz. per feeding!!!!

Her feeding is kind of a roller coaster still and I think will be for quite awhile. Matt was able to go with me to Fishers on Thursday. We love the therapist we see there! The drive stinks...but well worth it! She has helped us discover the craziest things with Mya! The kid loves pickles, beef jerky, and spices added to her food! (including onion powder)! Who would have thought?? She is not one that likes bland foods that's for sure!

We go back to the physical therapist next week so I am anxious to she what she has to say. She was out of the country for a few weeks so it has been awhile since she has seen Mya. I think she will be pleased with all the physical progress she has made.

Her incision has been draining some and has scabs. Everyone keeps telling me it looks fine, but I think it looks painful. She is not wanting to roll on it much at all. Maybe this will encourage the little booger to start crawling!

She gets her new button put in on May that will give her plenty of time to heal up to enjoy Grandma and Grandpa's new pool this summer! I think with all the stress I lost my mind for a few days....I cut over 7 inches off my hair! I have not had my hair this short since 3rd grade! But I like it.....and won't end up pulling it up in a ponytail everyday!

God has blessed us with a beautiful baby! I know one day I will realize the significance for all of this! I just can't wait for that day! Happy Easter everyone!!

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  1. I'm glad everything is going well!! I can't believe the foods she likes!!!????!!! That's crazy! I can't wait to see your hair, I had to read that twice to make sure I was reading right! I cut mine up to my chin a couple of weeks ago too!!!! No more ponytails is right!!! Hope to see you guys soon!