Thursday, April 2, 2009


Forgot a couple things...

Mya was actually awake for almost an hour and a half earlier this evening. We even managed to get a few smiles out of her!! Her incision is actually smaller than what we had anticipated so that is always great!

We have a great night nurse! She actually went to nursing school with some people Matt knew from college! What a small world it is!

The hospital computers won't let me check Facebook, but I received tons of emails that we have messages! Thanks for all the prayers and concerns! We will keep updating as we can!! I'm sure tonight and tomorrow are going to keep us busy!


  1. Love that little girl! And you guys too! Get some rest! ~Becky, Tim, Emma and Timmy

  2. Hopefully it's all up-hill from here!!! Congrats on the successful surgery, hard to believe she could get any more beautiful than she already is but I'll take your word for it!! LOL
    Love ya~ ~ ~ Aunt Donna