Monday, April 27, 2009


So far Mya has been doing better the last few days. I actually took her off baby food a few days ago and I think that has made a huge difference. She was eating 4-6 tablespoons of baby food a day and I don't think she could handle that much quite yet.

She is so sensitive to any increases that I think toward the end of the day it was all catching up with her. So in turn she was throwing up more toward evening. (This is only my take on the situation) But obviously I must be on the right track if the vomiting has stopped since removing baby foods from her diet.

We go to see Colleen tomorrow in Fishers so I will get her opinion as well. I think I am going to try and give her only 4-6 bites of baby food and gradually work my way up from there! We finally got her eating and now we are backing her off!!

Let's hope for a good weight on Thursday! We are also still doing the 2 night bottles with a drip so I think that has helped as well!


  1. Good to hear! Hope it is all uphill from here!

  2. Good Luck tomorrow @ Fishers! I LUV the pics, shes so beautiful! She always has the cutest clothes on too! First time I saw your hair-cut as well, it looks good! Gotta tell ya, I'm as worried for you & Matt as I am for Mya, you are WONDERFUL parents Amanda, just think how awful it would have been if you two weren't so observant & persistant. Mya's a very lucky little angel, she has two of Gods best care-takers for her parents!