Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 21 & 22 of Therapy

My Mom and Dad got here yesterday so we enjoyed one of the local parks, went to Downtown Los Altos to a few shops, and also went up in the Foothills to look at some of the million dollar homes. Best of Mom cooked for us!!! We have breakfast at the hotel every day and they also provide dinner Monday thru Thursday so some good home cooked meals were great!!! A ham sandwich for lunch for the last month is getting really old really quick! haha!

Today we went to the Winchester House in San Jose. It has been great weather so it was a good day to spend a few hours there this afternoon! Since Matt came to California a few years ago with his buddies he is letting me go with my parents tomorrow to take a tour of the town. (God bless him that I get to miss lunch and supper meals with Mya!)

Mya has had a good couple days since I blogged last. Her dinner meal tonight she did NOT gag even one time!!! We are taking baby steps each day but we are going to get there! At this point Ben thinks we are hopefully still on schedule to have two more full weeks of therapy with him and then 1-2 weeks on our own. So....about another month and we will hopefully be home! Mya went all day completely vomit free! Hopefully we have more and more days like today!

We thank everyone for their continued support!! We will keep updating you throughout our journey!!!

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