Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 15 of Therapy

Day 15 has by far been the best day thus far! Mya has drank over 23 ounces again and ate 1577 calories in food today!!! WOW!!!! She finally went an entire day without having food vomit! (She is still having some old food/milk vomit at the beginning of the meals...basically what is left in her stomach when the meal starts. Which is very normal until she adjusts to her new diet.)

She is showing absolutely NO signs of aspiration! We are still slightly thickening her milk but hopefully in the next few months we can eliminate that as well! So four days without anything per g-tube!!! Mya's last meal was awesome today! When Ben came out I could see the excitement in his face! We are making progress but still have a few weeks of therapy to go!

I am so thankful that we are here and getting help! I have been so unbelievably disappointed with the healthcare we have received over the last year and a half with Mya! It is all behind us but it is still hard to see her go through this! I really believe if we would have received the right help in the beginning we wouldn't be sitting here today! I hope with our experience we can help other families not have to go through this process.

We are working 7 days a week until we go it's all business!! Prayer is a great thing and I couldn't be anymore proud of Mya! She has been such a trooper through all of this!!!!

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  1. Great to hear! Praying for you all every night! God has great plans for Mya... Elaine R