Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 11 of Therapy

Today we got back in the swing of things....Mya took a total of 1285 calories today and didn't actually lose any weight over the weekend! She got back in the groove of drinking again after lunch! We actually had a horrible night on Sunday. Mya woke up multiple times screaming bloody murder for what seemed like forever. She was so upset that we were having a hard time giving her tube feedings because the milk would not even go down! She was waking up hungry but not knowing what to do about it!

I am so glad we are back to therapy and working straight through this weekend! Hopefully tomorrow will be Mya's first day without use of her g-tube! That's the plan anyways! She actually did very well her last feeding and went without a peep for over half of it. So we are hoping she starts to let her guard down a bit with Ben. She is really warming up to Jessica and smiles and plays with her. We are adding in a drink "snack" in the afternoon to give her more practice with the open cup. But overall today was a step in the right direction.

My parents officially booked plane tickets today to come out and see us for a few days late next week. So, it will be great to see them! Matt and I have never been away this long so it will be great to see a familiar face and I know Mya will be ecstatic!


  1. So much of this we just take for granted, like her waking up feeling hungry, I never thought of that. The pictures are Awesome, so glad you guys were able to get some decent weather to get out & enjoy before going to 7 days a week. Hang in there, everyone is still holding you all up in prayer! Luv ya. . . .

  2. gushwa@amerion.com02 February, 2010

    We here in Oregon are keep up on Mya's progress
    thru your blog and it is wonderful and helps us
    understand what is happening in/thru the daily routine. Our prayers are with each of you. give big hugs from each of us to all and the family when they arrive in the area.
    A' Rosella and U' Paul in Oregon