Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 14 of Therapy

Officially 3 days off the tube today!!!! Mya drank 23 ounces of milk today and ate 1343 calories of food! We are taking baby steps toward no gagging or vomiting with meals. But this is by far going to be our biggest struggle with her. It is a bit concerning that we have been here for almost 3 full weeks and these behaviors are not gone but we also have to consider her past. She has a strong history of vomiting daily, feeding tube intolerance, and volume intolerance with feedings. So, we shouldn't be overly shocked that these are the problems we are facing in therapy! We build habits for over a year so unfortunately it is going to take time to break these.

On the bright side, Mya is less than 2 ounces away from gaining a pound!! An entire pound almost!! She is getting a little belly on her now and a little fat roll on her wrist! Her energy level was off the chart before and now that she is getting more calories she is bouncing off the walls with energy!! She is turning into such a big girl!

Although we have no guarantee about the outcome of the treatment I feel like we are doing the right thing. Mya's feeding disorder was getting worse by the day and we needed to take action so I feel very fortunate to be here! We also feel very fortunate for all the support we have from everyone back home! Thank you so much for the continued support! We are really starting to miss our family and friends so all the emails, cards, texts, and calls make our day a little easier!

We are working through the weekend and basically not missing any therapy until Mya is stable and off the tube for certain! I am really looking forward to my parents coming out next week to give us a little dose of reality! Hope everyone has a great Friday!


  1. I think Mya has made great strides. Just keep on plugging will be worth it in the end. Enjoy the weather there (if it is nice still).....we are to get snow here today.

    Happy Friday to you too.

    John & Barb

  2. Oh, this sounds so great! She will certainly catch up with Kinley at the rate she's going! Keep sending on the fantastic news! Love to hear it! Enjoy your weekend and your mom and dad's visit.