Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update from week 7!

I can't believe we have been away for 7 weeks now! Mya's vomiting is pretty much well under control at this point. A few problems here and there but nothing we can't handle. We started taking over therapy this week and what a long week we were in for! I left in tears after trying to feed Mya twice. It was much harder than what I had anticipated. We have watched every therapy session and felt pretty confident going into it. It was defiantly not a monkey see...monkey do kind of thing. It is hard work to feed this kid!

Matt and I had a long talk and he suggested that at this point that he become the primary feeder. He is doing an amazing job and he doesn't even have many days under his belt. Mya basically had learned with Ben that she could not refuse bites. She learned that she couldn't clamp her mouth....she couldn't block the food with her tongue....etc. Now unfortunately she has to learn that she can't do those things with Matt either. Consistency is the key....not showing emotions even when she clamps down on your finger with the death grip of a pit bull!!! He has to learn from Ben what to do when these things happen and how to correct the problem. With time she will learn and not give him such a hard time.

She is one smart little cookie that's for sure! I can't imagine how difficult this would have been if we would have waited even longer to get her treatment! I am so proud of Matt and Mya both for all that they have accomplished so far!! If I could nominate Matt for Father of the Year he would be sure to win!!! He is patient and very determined!! There is no doubt in my mind that he can do this! After a weeks at home when things calm down I will start the feeding process as well. Things will defiantly be a much easier transition by then.

We so appreciate all the continued thoughts, cards, emails, texts, and prayers!!! Mya is so loved! She has been without use of her feeding tube for a little over 4 weeks now! We hardly even notice it being there anymore! Hopefully we will be on our own feeding Mya by the end of the weekend. Then we will stay about 2 weeks to make sure we don't run into major problems before we head home! We can't wait to be home and get back to Indiana!!

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  1. Wow, I sure have missed your posts. This is all very good news and big kudos to Matt! Sometimes we mothers are so much more emotional than the dads. That's just the way we're made! Love the park pictures too! You're still all in our thoughts and prayers. This is really from Kay. I can't figure out why it says Cassie.