Sunday, March 7, 2010

Starting Week 8 on Monday!

Today was the best day we have had thus far as far as feedings go! We are trying to stay positive but some days it is awfully hard! Especially since we have been away from home for almost 2 months! We hope (and hope is a pretty big word) that we can head home 2 weeks from tomorrow. I shouldn't even type that because it may very well be longer. We are sooo unbelievably excited to see our family and friends but at the same time we know that Mya can not get sick when we get home. We can't have any set backs at all!! So, hopefully we will be able to see everyone and keep her well!

Mya had her highest weight a few days ago at 21lbs. 13 oz.!!!!! WOW!!!! Everyday it fluctuates a bit but from a week to week basis it is definitely on the up side! I never thought that we would come home with her weighing this much!! I guess it goes to show how much nutrition plays a huge roll in her development!

So, for the time being we are trying to stay as positive as we can and just keep plugging along each day!! If all goes well we should finish up therapy sessions with Ben on Tuesday! But who knows with this crazy kid!!!

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  1. Hooray!!!! We can not wait till you get here. I want to give Mya the biggest bear hug there is!!! It will be a fantastic Easter!

    Hugs & Kisses
    Grandma Bev