Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We finally made it home last night after being gone for over two months!!! YAY!!! Mya has been off her tube now for 7 weeks!!!! The trip home went pretty smooth but boy were we excited to get to the house!!!! It was almost weird walking in!!!

I think I have a whole new appreciation for our home....family....friends.....you name it!!! I missed home and everything about it and so did Mya!!! We were actually awake until 1:00 in the morning because the kid wouldn't go to sleep and stop playing with her toys!!!!

We made one call to the grandparents and I think as quick as they could find their car keys they were here! What a great family we are surrounded by!! The house was spotless...we had flowers planted in our pots....groceries in the fridge....fresh baked cookies on the counter.....ballons....and a ton of welcome home gifts!!!! We couldn't be happier!!!! Thank you to everyone that has been there for us through this journey!!!!

So far the feedings at home have been going fairly well. We made our first batch of food today as well. We will be feeding her these purees for a few months and then move on to solids so it's going to be several months until things are "normal." But slowly but surely we are making our way to a tube free...eating...drinking...healthy little girl! I will for sure continue to update the blog with all her progress!

We go back to Cincinnati the end of May and by then the tube will for sure be coming out!

Wanted to just write a quick update but know I have to unpack while the little critter is napping!!! God Bless!

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  1. That is great!!!!!! I read your blog often. Cant imagaine all u have gone thru...Welcome home!