Monday, March 15, 2010

6 Weeks....No tube!!!

Mya has now been 6 full weeks without use of her feeding tube! After a bit of a rough weekend we went and spent the day at the Feeding Clinic again today. Hopefully tomorrow gets even better and we can still plan to come home on the 22nd! We can't wait to get home especially since the weather is getting so much better!

Matt is anxious to get home and get back in the groove of working! He has been so great while we have been here and I know will continue to support Mya and I when we get home! Mya has been so used to having her Daddy around everyday it's going to be an adjustment for her!

She has lost a bit of weight from her very top but still well over 21 pounds!! We are going to have her weight checked every week and make sure she is getting enough calories. We have also noticed an increase in her interest in eating "normal" food.

So we definitely had a bump over the weekend but overall we still feel great about the process!

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