Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 8 of Therapy was a day of puke...puke...and more puke! Not a very good day! We are going to space out her meals more since she seems to be vomiting up old food from the previous feedings. She is still wanting to drink a ton so we are good there....we just need her to hold it down!

We are going to start at 6:30 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. and have her last meal start at 5:00 p.m. Don't get me wrong Mya has made huge progress in the 8 days of therapy...but of course things can't happen quick enough for us as parents! She did excellent at lunch....only if she could eat like that every time!!! Mya is a tough cookie but we are at the right place to get her help!

Honestly at this point we don't have very many options! The older and older she gets the more and more difficult this problem is going to be to solve! If only we would have come months ago! Mya actually turns 1 1/2 tomorrow! So hopefully by her second Birthday this will all be behind us!

We didn't end up going tube free yesterday because the little booger went to bed so early and didn't wake up until 5:00!!! We are getting there but I'm afraid we are going to be here longer than what we were hoping it would take! But hey...look on the bright side....after 30 days we don't have to pay tax at the hotel anymore!! haha!

Hope everyone has a great week and we'll update more tomorrow!

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  1. Matt, Amanda, and Mya;

    Isn't it amazing after all you have been thru, when you look back, everything seems to have finally fallen in place, just like it is suppose to. God's Plan, in his time. We always say People Plan and God laughs:) We are so happy for you! Mya is such a beautful baby girl and you are such "Great" parents! Hang in there...It sounds like you are on the right tract! Love, The Maxwell's