Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 2 of Therapy

Well day 2 brought some progress with Mya's eating but also brought out a lot more of her bad habits. First I would like to just say how unbelievably grateful I am that we are here and able to work with Ben. He is great at this job and very compassionate. I don't think Matt or I really realized the hole we were digging at home with Mya's eating.

Mya basically will do anything to make herself throw up. She threw up a lot in the past to make her self feel better since tube feeding has been so uncomfortable for her. And now it has just become a pattern for her. Today she basically did anything and everything to get out of eating. For example she pulls her tongue back when taking bites so that she can gag and choke on food to initiate the vomiting. Once Ben caught on and did not allow her to do this she would attempt to ram her fingers so far down her throat to initiate her to vomit. So far he was been fairly successful not allowing her to vomit...but ultimately she has ended up succeeding at least once every feed. Her feedings are taking any where from 35-45 minutes and she gags probably at least 20 times....so one vomit per feed is pretty good at this point.

Today at lunch I almost couldn't physically watch the feeding. Although I know that we are doing what is best for her it is absolutely horrible! Mya has no medical reason why she can't eat and we need to get this problem solved before it's too late.

She does bounce back really well and within minutes of being done with the feedings she is playing, smiling, and giving Matt & I hugs and kisses. Yesterday Ben had told us we would hopefully see an increase in her drinking the more we were able to get her to eat and we have. Today she actually went to the fridge and started to say "milk...milk." She has never done that!!! We are definitely going to be here awhile but I think we are doing the right thing!

It has been raining...raining...and raining even more here! So we are not on a vacation by any means! haha! We have been up at 4:00 a.m. every morning and are at the clinic for feedings at 7, 12, and now 5. Then of course whatever calories she doesn't get in during the day we have to give overnight! What a mess! I will update more tomorrow so hopefully it's a better day!

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  1. Fascinating! I think it's a very good idea for someone else to get this started for you. If you tried it on your own, you might feel so bad for Mya that you'd just give in to her. I'm so glad you found Ben and his clinic to help you through this "storm" in your life. Hopefully, things will improve a little (or a lot) every day.