Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 6 of Therapy

Mya had a total of 1085 calories today in food! WooHoo! She also drank a total of 7 oz. of milk tonight from her sippy cup! We are not doing anything different as far as the drinking goes yet. Basically just offering it to her just like usual. For some reason Ben explained normally when he gets the child to eat more solid food they just automatically start showing more interest in drinking on their own! We have not supplemented her with anything other than water in her feeding tube today! We have one more bottle to go so if she doesn't drink anymore before bed we will give that amount through her tube.

Today overall was a day of progress....she did not throw up with breakfast or lunch. But did manage to vomit twice with supper. Darn!! She is swallowing much quicker and gagging less and less. I told Matt today that I just wish we could fast forward time and be a month out of this process! Or I guess rewind time and have done things much differently!

We are going to contact her healthcare providers and hopefully persuade our insurance company to help us with some of the cost. He has had people successful in the past when they get letters from providers stating it is medically necessary for these children to receive intensive therapy. So I will have my fingers crossed! Either way I feel great about the decision we have made! When it comes to your kids you can't hold back!

We have set up skype on our computer so Mya has been able to see her family at home! I think for Matt and I it just made us miss home all the more but feel refreshed that we have loved ones supporting us! We have already received cards from people from home which is very encouraging! Thank you everyone! Mya even got her own card today and also some coloring pages from her cousin!

We are starting drinking tomorrow again with Ben so hopefully it goes well! We are going to have some bumps in the road but overall it has been a positive experience!

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  1. I feel like I never really understood what u guys were going thru after reading all this, what a blessing to have found out about this place, when it gets hard to watch, try to think about how hard it would be if u never found this help. I know it's heart-breaking watching your child go thru this, I pray w all my heart that this is the answer to sooo many prayers for Miss Mya, what amazing parents she is blessed with. Stay strong, stay together, stay faithful to God & ur family & God will bring you all thru this. Luv u all, Aunt Donna