Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 4 of Therapy

Today went pretty well for Mya...she ended up with 728 calories of food today so a little above yesterday. She managed to throw up at every meal, but still took in quite a bit. At lunch she ate almost 5 ounces of food and then he attempted to give her milk. She did surprisingly well with the drink and took almost 2 ounces in a little over 2 minutes! But....then all went to the waste side because she threw up all over my lap within about 5 minutes! So...if she would have kept that feed down she would have had an even better day!

Ben was surprisingly happy with her drinking and from what he saw today he did not see any problems as far as aspiration. We are using thicker milk still to be safe. It is actually a pediasure type drink so it is already a thicker consistency and we are not even adding thickener to it.

So the plan is to just stick with food tomorrow....take a weekend break....and then get back to it on Monday. Since she did so well with drinking we are going to focus on the food first! We are still using Mya's feeding tube but have been able to cut out some of the milk and give water instead since she is eating so much better!

Today was a long day but I feel well worth it in the end! It's so funny because as soon as Ben tells Mya that they are all done feeding and puts away the spoon and bowl her attitude immediately starts to change. While they cleaned up today she was in the high chair for an extra 10 minutes just sitting there calm as can be....actually licking the extra food off her fingers! She was not trying to gag herself....not trying to vomit...not fussing....nothing! I really do think this is behavior related at this point. She doesn't walk around the house trying to throw up or gag is basically just when she is eating.

We have high hopes that this process is going to work since we are already seeing improvements after only 4 days! When he came in to get Mya today she actually walked over to him.....kind of crying but walked over to him!

I am understanding this process so much more each day we talk with him!! But wow...what a hole we have gotten into!!! It is just going to take time and time we have!

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  1. Mike- Jean Regelbrugge22 January, 2010

    Hi Amanda! Things will get better each day! You are all in my prayers. Love ya, jean