Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nothing but good things to say!

Mya has added a ton of new foods to her diet! We are gradually trying new things. Peas, pears, lunch meat, ravioli, kidney beans, gold fish crackers, macaroni and cheese, toast, and the list goes on! She is doing a great job with eating! She doesn't eat the quantity that a child her age should.....but we are working on it!!

She finger feeds herself, but will also now let me feed her with a fork! She never used to let us feed her with utensils so that is a great improvement.

She has had a couple of vomiting episodes while eating but we are quickly learning what foods she tolerated and what foods she doesn't! I couldn't be more proud of her!!!!

Over the last 2 months Mya has drank about an ounce of milk from her cup 4 different times now! She is very hot and cold with drinking. Some days she will not drink anything and others she will take a few sips with each meal. I have confidence that she WILL drink her entire amount one day!

I feel like things are finally looking up! I know we will have good days and bad days...but for once I feel like the good days are out numbering the bad! We go for her 12 month doctor's appointment this week so hopefully we get some good news on her weight. We went for a weight check about 2 weeks ago and she was still 18lbs. 9oz. (Which was the exact same as when she was 9 months old)

She is not walking yet.....but takes several steps at a time. She has learned how to maneuver through the house walking along the walls, couches, chairs, etc. Life would be so much easier if she would just walk! haha! She is doing really well considering all the trauma she has been through.

We are having her Birthday party tomorrow here in the shop so I will post some pictures afterward! I think we went a little over board....but honestly Matt and I want to celebrate her progress and just be happy for all the love and support all our friends and family have given us!!! Although the last year has been tough we are stronger for it and we couldn't have gotten through it without all our family and friends!!!!

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