Monday, August 17, 2009

Lake Trip!

We had a great time this week with the Robert's family at Lake Cumberland! We were in desperate need of some relaxation! We leave tomorrow evening for Cincinnati and will be home on Thursday late afternoon. They are doing a stomach emptying scan and allergy tests on Wednesday and we meet with all the doctors on Thursday morning. Wish us luck!!!! We will finally find out if she has food allergies! They will also be deciding what kind of milk to start her on during these appointments!

Mya's G-tube came out for the first time in the middle of the night this past evening! I was so tired Matt kept trying to wake me up! He just kept saying.....Amanda, Mya's tube came out....Mya's tube came out!!! We actually did pretty well and were able to get the spare in without problems! I was pretty proud of the two of us! We were told over and over to call the hospital if this happened to notify the surgeon so after being on hold for almost an hour we finally got the okay to go ahead and feed her like we normally would and to just keep an extra eye on her belly and G-tube site!

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