Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No more physical therapy!

Mya had her last physical therapy session today! She walked right through the doors!!! Vicki has been so great to work with over the last 7 months! Mya is physically doing everything age appropriate at this point so we don't see a need to continue physical therapy at this point! Vicki is always a phone call away if I have any questions so I feel relief in that! What a great accomplishment for Mya today!!

Things are also going extremely well with the new feeding plan! We are giving her 2 ounces of formula within about 10 minutes through a syringe and then waiting 50-60 minutes and giving her the other 2 ounces within about 10 minutes! It is working out wonderfully! She is not hooked up to a feeding tube for an hour at a time during the day anymore!!! (We are still using the pump for her midnight feeding) We then are waiting the 2 hours and then start the process over!

What a change it has made for me and Mya during our day! I don't feel like I spend half my day chasing a one year old around with a tube attached to her!!! I can't even express to you how happy Matt and I are about the change! Her GI doctor in Cincinnati is awesome and was so encouraging! He said we made his day last week when we were there! We are very gradually going to increase the first part of the tube feeding to hopefully one day get the entire feeding done within about 20 minutes. After about another month we are going to switch her to either whole milk or pediasure depending on how she is doing. The GI doctor wants to make sure she tolerates the bolus feedings really well before we switch up the milk on her.

Wow!!! I feel like I am almost living a normal life again! We still have our work cut out for us as far as Mya drinking. She still only wants a few sips a day but I feel with time she will drink!

We are heading to Florida this Sunday for a few days with my sister Becky, her husband Tim, their two children Emma & Timmy, and my parents! It should be a fun and relaxing time! We need a little family time before Matt gets in the field for harvest! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

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