Wednesday, August 5, 2009

19 POUNDS!!!

WOOHOO!!! She finally made it to 19 pounds!!! Mya had her 12 month appointment today and it went pretty well! She is a healthy, but tiny one year old!

Sometimes when I think about the day she was born it just brings tears to my eyes! For those of you that know the story I'm sure it gives you a good laugh! My husband had several cement trucks coming to the house that day and he had a hard time believing me that I was really in labor 3 weeks before my due date! But being an OB nurse you would have thought he would take my word for it! haha!

We have been cutting back on some of the therapy appointments in Indianapolis. Every week making at least one trip to Indy was wearing me and Mya out! We are starting to go just once per month and have Penny come to our home every 2 weeks! Her physical therapy is also just once per month now! I feel like I have some of my life back! Colleen in Indy is definitely worth the trip and we have sooo much gratitude for all her help. She has really been the driving force for me to get Mya where she is today! She is just a phone call away and seeing her once per month will give us enough time in between appointments to work on the skills we learn!

Mya had a great 1st Birthday party on Sunday! All her little friends were there to help her celebrate as well! We have such a great group of friends and wonderful family members that have been there for us! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

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