Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a day! What a day!

Since our last appointment on May 7th with Dr. Dusick I have been running all these different scenarios through my mind. One scenario they had given us was that Mya is possibly constipated. Although she has normal poops every day sometimes children with low muscle tone are still constipated but the stool they are having is going around a blockage. Complicated huh!

My mom actually pointed out to me that when Mya had her surgery they gave her a laxative because the anesthetic can make their bowels lazy. She ended up pooping like 10 times that day! Once we finally got home from the hospital she actually went about a week without vomiting. So...I just kept thinking.....what if she does have a blockage.....what if all the build up is causing her to vomit again???? I called Riley this morning and spoke with the Developmental doctor that was on call for the weekend. She agreed with the thought and wanted us to come down to get an x-ray of her abdomen so we could see for sure. Well...needless to say she does NOT have a blockage. Not that I wanted her to....but I do want to solution to the problem!!

The on-call doctor is suppose to call Dr. Dusick on Monday and then she is to get back with us as to what is next. Cincinnati called me back and the Feeding Team there is booked out until September!!! We are on the first available waiting list and are waiting to here back if we can get into their GI doctor ahead of time. I think all of my persistence will someday pay off!! At least I can sleep better tonight knowing she does not have a blockage!!

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