Friday, May 22, 2009

Mya is still having a lot of vomiting so I called and spoke with the doctors in Ohio. We are going to go ahead and start her on the Erythromycin until we can get the tests run. He said that would give us a better indication if it is an emptying problem or not.

He really wants to get these tests and see what info we get. The nurse said sometimes it indicates that a child just has a really small tummy, their sphincters are not working, the sphincters can are webbed, or some other anatomical problem. They are also going to take small biopsies while they are doing the scope. They will test the tissue for different diseases like celiac disease, etc.

They actually called to schedule the test, but we are waiting for the COBRA insurance paperwork to go through!! How frustrating!!! We mailed it back the same day we got the form and they still do not have the insurance re-issued! I am to call back again on Tuesday to check and see if they got it taken care of!

On a good note....Mya started crawling today!! She has been really close the last few weeks but finally got brave enough to give it a go! I am so proud of her!!! She has made such great progress! Her physical therapist is going to be thrilled!

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  1. Aunt Holly22 May, 2009

    Amanda, my friend at work has a son who has been having digestive issues since 6mons and he is going on two. They are testing him for several different things like celiac and such too and they stated if it was an allergy related issue they would be able to see results of eosinophils (the allergy indicator) in the cell walls of the lining of the intestines with biopsy and scope: just a note to keep in mind that I found interesting!I like your idea of getting a 2nd opinion: your a smart girl!! I miss and love you guys so much, keep me posted:) By the way this blog rocks- I like to jump on and see how precious Mya is- I feel like I'm at home~ Aunt Holly