Thursday, May 14, 2009


Mya- Ready to go help her Daddy farm!

Pulling myself up like a big girl!

Well...I wish I had some better news to blog about Mya. She is still struggling with her vomiting. We are getting her new formula today. I actually called last Friday to check on the order and they said it was on the nurse's desk and they would get it faxed. After not hearing anything on Monday and Tuesday I called back on Wednesday to check on it. Come to find out the doctor never wrote out the script to have it faxed!!

How frustrating!!! After a few phone calls yesterday the order was finally faxed almost a week later! What a mess! Matt and I are considering possibly getting a second opinion from a GI doctor or possibly at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Dr. Dusick can not get Mya back in until October and I feel like we have kind of been left out to dry! She has not gained weight for over 5 weeks and is still vomiting every single day! We had made a great break through with her solid food intake but with all the vomiting she is not very interested again.

I guess my personal opinion is...what would a second opinion hurt? I have spoke with a couple who's story was so similar it's almost scary and they ended up in Cincinnati and saw vast improvements in their son under their care.
We are only in the paperwork process of both the GI and Cincinnati so I guess we will see what happens. In the mean time.....let's just pray for the best for our little Mya! The physical therapist was very pleased with all the new things Mya is doing since she saw her a few weeks ago. She is pulling herself up to lower surfaces (her Zebra toy and play table). She is also getting up on all fours! Mya is finally starting to roll the way she used to....I think her G-Tube site is finally healing well and is not so sore to roll on. We are still working on crawling and cruising but she is showing great potential!

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