Wednesday, May 27, 2009


And she's off!!!! Crawling like a big girl!

Swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's new pool!!

Daddy thought I should play with my first toad!

Could they look more alike! Seriously!

We went ahead and tried the Erythromycin over the weekend to see if it helped Mya's vomiting and it actually made it worse! I finally called them back on Monday to let them know what was going on and the doctor told us to stop it immediately. He said that some kiddos do not tolerate it well and Mya happens to be one of them. She has been off the medicine and back on her regular formula since Monday and is doing much better! She is still vomiting, but nothing like what she was! Monday she got sick 6 out of the 7 bottles! So far...she has not tolerated the increased calorie formula or the medication! We finally got all the insurance paperwork done today! Thank goodness! If I don't hear from the scheduling department tomorrow about the dates of her tests I am to call them back on Friday! So...I would say Friday we will know when her tests are going to be. I pray that they can get us in as soon as possible! This poor little girl has been through so much!! She is full of all sorts of new noises and sounds! She is crawling and cruising on the furniture and loves every minute of it! She had to have a treatment done on her granulation tissue on Tuesday and we go back again tomorrow for another one! Hope it does the job this time!

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