Monday, October 12, 2009

Mya is finally getting a few more teeth in her mouth! She has 2 more teeth that have popped through and a few more on the way! We have all been struggling with colds around here. Nothing serious but these runny noses are getting old!

Mya is now up to 5 1/2 to 6 ounces on her feedings! Can you believe it! The goal was to get her up to 6 oz. so we are almost there! We are actually going to start the transition off the formula as well. Right now I am mixing pediasure with whole milk. We will give her an ounce of that mixture and the rest formula. We are going to slowly make that transition since her body doesn't typically respond well to change. Eventually she will get her feedings with half whole milk and half pediasure. So she calorie per ounce will still be about 24 to 25 calories her ounce.

She can basically eat any type of food now....just small bites and tiny amounts! She is still drinking thickened liquids from her cup but still just sips with meals. The other day she drank 3 oz. before noon and that was the most she had drank for months!!!

Mya has a huge vocabulary and is in the stage of trying to repeat everything you say!! Tractor, Minnie, and Elmo are a few new words she is saying! We have been staying busy despite all the rain we have been getting! Here are a few updated picture to enjoy!!

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