Monday, October 12, 2009

Working with Daddy in the shop!

Pumpkin Patch!
(My sister Becky and her two children Emma and Timmy)

Lookin cute!

Mya's first combine ride of harvest this year!

Sleepy baby!!


  1. Awesome new pictures & such good news about her eating, you all have had such a long hard road but it sounds like the worst is behind you! Lets just keep praying so anyway!
    Aunt Donna

  2. Thanks Aunt Donna!! We are for sure on the up side of things!!! Time and more time.....but one day I KNOW she won't have this tube anymore! Hope things are going well for you guys!

  3. my husband will love to see this post. lots of John Deere fun! lol. so glad to see mya doing well! one of these days we'll have to get together! can't believe summer is gone!!