Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No More Formula!

Mya is officially off formula now!!! YAY!! She is doing really well with it! She is taking 3 ounces of whole milk and 3 ounces of pediasure now. We are doing this mixture 5 times per day which is great because that means no more night feedings unless she wakes up and is hungry!

The home care company is also coming tomorrow to pick up the pump we used since we are doing all boluses now! We have not been using it for over a month so I feel okay with sending it back! We are slowly but surely making progress! The occupational therapist was here yesterday and she was amazed at Mya. She was pointing out the window saying pumpkin and showing her our "doggies." Penny has seen so many changes in her over the last year it's incredible. Mya can now touch her own tongue and not gag so badly that it makes her throw up....she can sip milk up a straw.....and most importantly she can eat! We will leave this coming Monday night for her swallow test on Tuesday morning so I pray that she passes!!! We have been prepping her for it so I really feel like she is safe to swallow thin liquids now.

If she passes then we need a plan to get Mya off these tube feedings. She can drink and can eat...just not enough to stay hydrated and grow! I already feel my stomach turning hoping that she passes this test. It is not an invasive test what so ever. Basically she will be sitting in a special chair with a camera next to her face. They put barium in the liquids and she drinks. As she drinks the camera video tapes and follows the milk down her throat. Either it goes in her stomach or it goes into her lungs!

In the past we have struggled with getting Mya to drink anything during the test. It is in a different environment with doctors and nurses surrounding her. Plus she is not a big drinker anyways!!! I really feel like God is going to take care of her! Things are headed in the right direction for us!! Just one more test!!!!

We go for her 15 month appointment on Thursday so I will send a quick update on her weight. I was hoping she would weigh 20 pounds but I just don't think we are quite there! Thanks again for all your continued prayers!

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