Monday, September 28, 2009


We met with Mya's therapist today and got some encouraging words. Basically we have to start working with Mya to drink and swallow thin liquids. (We have always thickened her milk so she was not aspirating it into her lungs) We are to start giving her chunks of popsicle on a spoon and small sips of unthickened milk with an open cup. She has her swallow test on November 3rd so we have to get her ready to hopefully pass it!!

Her therapist was impressed with how well she did despite the head cold she has. She stated that physically and mentally Mya is right on target for her age! Which is so great to hear!!

We are basically not using the feeding pump at all any more. She was not tolerating the night time feeding so we basically are giving her 2 oz. before bed and waiting until she wakes up to give her the other 2 oz. So far it was been about 5 nights and she is sleeping much better. She was very fussy, gaging, and sometimes still vomiting so we decided to make a little change to our routine!

We have also been able to increase her bolus feeding to 4 1/2 to sometimes 5 oz. during the day! Despite all of this she is still very tiny.....only weighing 19lbs. 5 oz! She actually turned 14 months that's only 5 oz. gained in 2 months. Ugh!!

We are going to keep chugging along and work on swallowing thin liquids so that we will hopefully get some good results in November!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know we think of you guys often. I'm glad you keep us updated on the blog. We'll continue to pray for Mya and hopefully she will pass her test!!

    She is so beautiful!
    -Carrie B.