Friday, September 11, 2009

More News!

I am actually going to start working PRN at the hospital again starting next Tuesday! I feel like Mya is doing better and I feel comfortable leaving her with someone Matt and I both trust! My mom and mother-in-law are going to help us out! We are hoping to find an outside person as well that feels comfortable dealing with a feeding tube so even both grandma's get a break!

I think it will be good for me to have some "adult time" and also reassure Mya that she can be very well taken care of by someone other than her Mommy! I am only planning to work 1 or 2 days a week, but I think it will make a huge difference for me! I'm excited to start back in OB and help deliver babies again! I have been out of OB for some time I have a lot of catching up to do! But I am ready for the challenge!

Mya's appointments are slowing down and we won't go back to Cincinnati until November 3rd. They are going to do another swallow study to see if Mya can pass the test while drinking thin liquids. But that should be the only tests she has to have now!! Thank goodness!

The poor kid has had 2 upper GI's, 2 stomach emptying scans, an EEG, overnight pH probe testing, a triple scope, urine testing, blood work, skin allergy testing, and 3 swallow studies! I think that's enough!! Not to mention the numerous times she has had the granulation treatments done!

I have been doing a ton of research in the past few weeks and chatted with several other parents. I think until Mya gets her feeding tube out we are just going to have ups and downs with the vomiting. It seems as though tube fed children either tolerate feedings really well or really poorly. And unfortunately Mya is one of the unfortunate ones. She is doing much better but still has her days! After chatting with Cincinnati we are hoping after another 6 months or so we can start cutting back on her tube feedings and get her hungry and thirsty enough to get her eating and drinking more. She is a little too young at this point to start cutting back her milk intake.

Matt and I have been so grateful for all the support we have received over the past 13 months! Everywhere we go someone is always asking how Mya is doing! It means a lot to know that everyone if pulling for her! She really acts like a typical kid her age minus the way she gets her nutrition!

We are going to Matt's 10 year class reunion this weekend so I am looking forward to that and Reynolds is also having their big festival! It should be a fun filled weekend!!

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