Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mya has been a week on solid table foods now and we are still plugging along!! Overall she is doing great!! We have to make eating fun and sometimes even a game but that's okay for now. She especially does well watching others eat what she is having. I guess she thinks.....well since Mommy is eating can't be that bad! haha!!

Her cousins have been wonderful for her to be around since they are more her age! Emma gives her high fives for bites and we all clap for the kids when they eat so well! We are going to keep the positive comments coming and hope for the best!

She has tried a ton of new foods over the last week....even PIZZA!!!! I thought I would never say that my kid ate pizza!! We leave tomorrow for Cincinnati so I'll be sure to update what happens at the appointment but I'm hoping they are very very pleased with how well she is doing!

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  1. This is just soooo great to hear!