Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Best day ever!

Yesterday was by far Mya's best day of eating regular table food since the little squirt was born!!! We are so proud of her!!! So far she has been two whole days with all table food and no purees. We are hoping and praying that this trend continues!!!

Yesterday we went to Wendy's and she ate part of a cheese burger and french fries!!! To be honest she had never eaten the bun....hamburger...and cheese in one bit but yesterday she did!!!! We are all totally excited!!

We have had a few little vomits here and there but nothing that is not under control. We are heading to Cincinnati next Tuesday for them to take a look at her and get a back-up plan in place if this eating does not continue. Plus her button is sticking out way to far and she needs it re-fit.

Although Ben's method's were strict I 100% believe that's what Mya needed to get over this hump. She needed someone to push her and that's exactly what he did. She has overcome a lot of problems in the last few months. We still have a ways to go but we will get there! Trust me...we won't give up until we get there!

For right now we are doing at least 5 smaller meals with her a day until she gets used to eating bigger amounts all at once. Thanks to everyone for their continued prayers! I went to make a quick Wal-Mart trip the other day and ended up there for almost 2 hours because I saw so many people that asked and cared about her! What a great feeling it is to know that Mya is so loved!!


  1. Thank God! He's working His power with your family, unbelievable trials & tribulations & u will all be soo much stronger & closer to God in the end! You are ALL doing GREAT! Love u!

  2. Have to add, we all know Miss Mya deserves PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE, . . . .BUT. . . . . . don't forget to give yourself & Matt a much deserved BIG PAT ON THE BACK! There are a lot of parents out there that wouldn't be able to hang in there like you guys did! Good job as parents!!