Friday, March 20, 2009


Well....I have officially put in my resignation at work. After Mya failed the swallow study last week Matt and I decided I needed to be at home full time. North White has been so great allowing me to take the past few months off but I did not want to take advantage of their generosity. At the last doctors appointment they mentioned 9-12 months before Mya would be completely healed. With a feeding tube she will not be able to go to daycare and I can not expect my mom to watch her every day! She helps out enough as it is! Mya has physical therapy, feeding therapy, and numerous doctors appointments! So home is where I need to be! Matt and I both had stay at home moms......but I never thought I would be staying home because my child had a feeding tube!

She is getting stronger! Mya rolls clear across the living room and is still sitting up! Over the past week we have had some good feeding and some not so good feedings! She loves the suckers! We will keep working with her and pray that she will start to improve! I will let you all know what we find out at the surgery consultation this next Tuesday!

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