Friday, August 13, 2010

Has it really been 2 months since my last post??

I can't believe I have not posted anything for the last 2 months!!! But sometimes no news can be good news right! Overall things are going well with Mya! She just celebrated her 2nd Birthday on July 28th and reached 23 lbs. exactly! We went and spent 2 weeks at the program in Evansville and are actually going to spend more time there in September.

Since Mya has been eating everything by mouth a few "new" problems have arised that we are working out. We are trying a medicine now to help stimulate her stomach to empty a bit quicker. (without going into great detail....she was vomiting up handfuls of food that should have been processed hours prior) So basically she has all this old food sitting in her stomach so she does not feel overly hungry. We did a one month trial with little result but have increased the dose of the medication and so far are pretty happy with the result.

When we spent the two weeks in Evansville we worked a lot with making the meal more constructive. She eats in her booster seat at all her meals except for the occasional snack and we used a timer until she got used to sitting down and eating for 20-30 minutes at a time. She totally understood the timer concept and knew that she had to sit and eat until the timer went beep-beep!

She still has volume issues with mixing a lot of drink with food but we are able to manage and she drinks plenty of fluids throughout the day. She is also drinking some juice now which she never did before. We are gradually cutting back the thickener in her milk as well and have not recognized any signs of aspiration. Overall the doctors in Cinci are happy with her growth and so are we! She has had a few head colds over the summer which never seems to help her eating.

She is still lacking in her chewing/swallowing skills. During her evaluation she was placed at the eating skills of an 11 month old. But really she did not eat/drink much at all by mouth for the majority of her life so how could be really expect her skills to be age appropriate. We also have been able to work with her oral sensitivity issues as well.

I have actually started back working on Monday's and Wednesday's at the Health Clinic of Monon which has been great. I work with a great group of people and I think it's been a good opportunity for me! Mya also fractured her leg a few weeks ago and ended up in a cast for a few weeks over her Birthday! If it's not one thing it's another with the poor kiddo! She talks in full sentences now...knows her colors....where she lives...her full name...shapes...etc. She is at the age where they love peek-a-boo and she absolutely loves being outside on the farm!

We thank everyone for their continued prayers for Mya! Her tube site closed in a matter of 4-5 days without any problems at all!!

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