Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Mya is now napping and sleeping in her "Big Girl Bed!" It has been 3 nights in a row of great sleep! It is not actually a bed...but one of the chairs that you get at Toys R Us that pulls out into a little bed. Hey....she is comfy and not sleeping in a bouncy seat anymore so that's all that matters!!!

Matt also got all the crops out of the field last night! Thank heaven for great family and friends or we never would have gotten it done!!! At one point my Dad, Uncle, and Brother-In-Law were all helping! What more could you ask for! Thanks to everyone for their help!

Mya is still battling with a head cold! I think it's just going to linger around all winter the poor thing! We were having to space out her bottles a little more because she was getting sick but she has been doing better the last few days! Her appetite seems to be getting better again as well. She had an entire sausage link and mac 'n cheese for lunch so I was just thrilled!

We are planning to go and get the Christmas Tree tomorrow before Matt leaves on his bear hunting trip on Saturday! All this working and now he will be leaving for another week! He needs a break and relaxation with his guy friends so it will be good for him!

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