Friday, November 6, 2009

Cincinnati Appointments

We had a good trip up to Cincinnati this week. Mya would only take 3 drinks during her swallow study...but did pass with thin liquids during those 3 drinks! We are to cautiously start cutting back on the thickener in her milk and juices. We can still offer her thin liquids in an open cup since I can kind of control the amount she is getting.

Since she had gone several hours without food or a drink she ate really well for the therapist! They were really impressed with how well she is doing with solid foods! We are also going to cut back on the number of ounces of milk she gets a day to make her more hungry to eat solid foods. We are going to strictly give her pedisure for her milk since it has 10 more calories per ounce compared to whole milk.

Previously she was getting 28 to 30 ounces of milk/pedisure per day and now she is going to get 22 ounces of pedisure. So far it seems to be helping with the hunger factor! We are also down to 4 feeding per day!!

We also did an MRI of Mya's brain while we were there. She had to be put to sleep again but did well with the recovery. The tests results came back normal but they do want to repeat the test in 6-12 months to make sure everything is developing appropriately. Overall we had a great trip! She also got her granulation tissue treated and got a new button put in while we were there!

Thanks for all your prayers and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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