Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It all started with a green bean!

Well...we have a ton of great news to blog this week!!! Mya has probably had the best week we have had for months!!! She is crawling, cruising, and pulling herself up on everything! She is saying all new sounds.....and unfortunately has discovered she can also spit!! haha! She is getting her very first tooth finally also! Can things get any better......OH YES!!

Vomiting has also been decreasing! She is only throwing up max once a day or every other day!! But wait...it gets better!! She is eating food...I mean real food!!!! Her therapist and I have been discussing starting "table" foods with her and yesterday I finally got brave enough to try! She ended up eating an entire green bean, a couple bites of banana, and a few bites of cooked carrots!!!

Today with the therapist we tried one of the gerber pasta meals and she ate bites!!! Today was such a great day!! She is picking up puffs and other dissolvables really well also! Although she ended up in a spaghetti sauce mess it was so worth it! I really think we are well on our way! We still have a ton of work to do especially with drinking, but we are finally making some progress!

I hope I am not jinxing myself for blogging this good news but I really wanted to share my joy!!! I pray that Mya continues to improve and we get her the help she needs!!! Thank you to everyone for your prayers and for putting up with me!! I know I have been a complete disaster the last 10 months!!! I have truly been an emotional roller coaster through all of this!!! Hopefully we have more good news to blog in the next few days!!


  1. Julie Shepherd10 June, 2009

    Awesome!! That is so great!! After all that poor baby has been through - I am so glad to hear some good news!!

  2. This is such exciting news! I'm so thankful to hear it. Keep us posted!