Friday, December 10, 2010

How Sweet It Is!!

Mya is doing great!!! She is weighing more than ever and doing so well! She is finally off all the thickener in her drink and can even have water now!! She was also discharged from Cincinnati Children's Hospital! I started a 4 day a week job at Clarian so Mya is now going to daycare 4 days a week and loves it! Things are finally moving in the right direction in our household!!!

We feel very blessed for all the support we have received over the last 2 & 1/2 years!!! We have a growing, potty trained, intelligent little girl on our hands!!! Could life get any better than that??

Here is a little article from Los Altos Feeding that we did after leaving California last winter! February 2nd will be the "anniversary" that Mya was officially done with tube feedings!!! Although she has no memory of the therapy or being tube fed I still think it will be a special day for us!!!

Happy Holiday!!!!